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We have values ...

Run by Mike and Sue, Sweet is what some people might say is a mid-life crisis. We prefer to think of it as a dream, an opportunity, a vision. A chance to do something we love.


We love wholesome, tasty things and we particularly love it when we know what’s in them. We use the best ingredients that we can find. Locally sourced, fairly traded and organic where possible.


We love the smell of freshly baked cookies dunked into mugs of steaming hot tea. Or coffee – we’re not picky.


We love comfy sofas, warm slippers and soft music that makes you feel good and your feet dance, even if no one else can see it. We value our family and friends. We like to feel comfortable and relaxed, in a cosy environment. We want to provide excellent service in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

... and offer value

We love where we live and want to help our local community where we can. We want to help support the environment, and believe that re-using and recycling what we can is a start.


We take pride in what we do and how we work. We treat people well, pay our team fairly and are committed to helping them develop. We believe this makes for a happy team, which in turn makes Sweet a good place to be.


For us and our customers.


We want to offer this to you.

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