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Why we use Coaltown Coffee

At Sweet Café and Bakery we believe passionately in doing the right thing. For this reason we have chosen to take our coffee from a small family-run roastery in Ammanford, west Wales called Coaltown Coffee.


Gordon and his team at Coaltown only roast 100% Speciality Grade Arabica coffee, ethically sourced from small farms across the world.


The blend we have selected from Coaltown Coffee is called Black Gold No. 3. It comes from small farms in Brazil, Colombia and Peru and was awarded 2 stars in the prestigious Guild of Fine Foods’ Great Taste Awards 2014.


We love to drink it and we hope you do too.

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This picture shows beans growing at the Asoguar Association co-operative in Colombia.


The co-operative is owned by 104 smallholder families and was established in 2006 with the aim of promoting coffee growing rather than producing crops for the illegal drugs trade.



Coaltown hand roast in small batches, meaning that their Roastmaster is able to judge the timing and temperature to perfection delicately drawing out the complex flavour notes from the raw green beans.


They carefully study how the beans turn from green through to straw yellow and then finally to the rich, sumptuous brown, ready to be brewed into the perfect espresso.


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